Other Family Blogs/Sites/Support

  • Mommypoints: A blog on getting airline and hotel miles to give your family free or almost free travel. I love this site!
  • MomsWhoNeedWine: All about sharing the motherhood experience drenched in a bit of wine/whine.
  • SouleMama: A blog by Amanda Soule, mother, author, handiwork expert, and inspiration, about her family life. Quite, soft, beautiful blog.
  • The Daily Groove by Scott Noelle: You need to subscribe [free] to get the Daily Groove. This is a daily meditation/support/suggestion/story to support families. Scott Noelle is incredibly wise and patient. His posts are always valuable and make my family think.
  • Improvised Life: This blog is about doing MORE with LESS…NOT striving for perfection but for personal expression, fun, creativity, and unique solutions. It is about found ideas from every field.

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