Family Travel

We love traveling as a family. Sometimes it’s just the four of us, sometimes we connect with family and friends. We truly believe that travel expands our horizons and educates us in ways we cannot even put our fingers on. It is part of the fabric of my family.

Traveling as a family can be a wonderful and engaging experience. It can be tough – either because your children are young and you have 14 bags [we’ve been there] or because their interests change over time and they can no longer stand to walk into a museum. But keep traveling. Don’t stop. Try traveling internationally. Try traveling by bus. Try biking through Europe. Visit museums. Sit on the beach. Surf. Swim. Hike. Ski. Bike. Travel with your family!

Because family travel can be expensive I like to write about how to hack your travel on this site. Sign up for credit cards. Use points instead of cash. Use cash and points. Sign up for bonuses with airlines and hotels. If you are aware and smart you can stretch your travel $.

I would like to hear your voice! Chime in. Let us all know what you enjoy about travel. How you got there for less. What you are up to next. I cannot wait to hear more! Email us!

Cheers, Amanda