Work With Me

Bolder Families is a blog dedicated to supporting families to travel, adventure, educate and  engage. I only post relevant content that I believe my audience will appreciate based on their interests and demographics. All opinions are my own.

Interested in reaching my audience? Here are a few ways you can work with me:

  1. Sponsored Articles [written by me]: You give me keywords and I will include those in a blog post.
  2. Product Reviews/Testing: Send me a product you want reviewed/tested by adults and/or kids. We specialize in outdoor and travel gear.
  3. Hire Me: I can talk and/or write about family travel and travel hacking
  4. Hotel/Airline Reviews: I look forward to opportunities to review airlines and hotel properties
  5. Press Trips
  6. Sponsored Articles [written by you]: These must provide value to my blog readers and will be reviewed prior to posting.
  7. Photography: Let me take photos of your products or location

Interested in learning more about working with me? Email me!