Where to look for Information/Activities?

Boulder Rock’n Moms: Yahoo list of close to 1,000 Boulder area parents who share information on parenting and other general support [can include “Where do I find a good contractor?”]. You have to join the group, but it is open to anyone.

Parenting Place: This is a resource for families with children 0 to 5 years old. They offer play groups, support groups, parenting classes, short-term counseling, a food pantry and donation closet. Parenting Place is for everyone! See the link for a list of current classes and groups.

Boulder Parks and Recreation’s Natural Selections: This is a great, Free, program that engages them in various outdoor activities. They have a rich slate of offerings. Natural Selections is one of the things I love best about Boulder!

Boulder County Kids: This is a print and online magazine which is filled with information on what is happening in town for families.

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