Evernote is a Great Tool for Families!

I love collecting resources & knowledge, but where do I keep all those random bits of information? Someone mentions a great camp, I think of a new blog idea, my kids tell me something really funny, or I have an idea of a project I want to do–I just send the website, link or idea to Evernote and voila I have it whenever I need it. Since I have gone digital [thanks iPhone!] I need a place to keep all my websites, ideas, whims, questions, etc… organized. Welcome Evernote!

Evernote is my favorite website right now. I signed up for an account wondering what the big deal was, but now I’m hooked! You can add a bookmark so your computer will send sites or links to Evernote with just a click or you can manually add them. Try it! I can categorize things by tags and always look back and find what I want. Right now I divide my life into: work, blog, family, kids, recipes, school [kids’], summer camps, house projects, & design. If I am at a meeting and I forget my notebook I just use whatever device I have in front of me and make a page on Evernote. This is the real deal and it’s helping me stay sane!

Get an Evernote account.

Why use Evernote?

  • Write down your thoughts or notes anytime, anywhere. It’s better than a notebook/journal because it is synced through the cloud and therefore it is on every device you have. I use this feature for blog post ideas, funny things the kids say, etc.

  • Clip websites and/or pages right from any device & keep them organized. No more remembering to write something down, bookmarking it, or having to hunt it down at the bottom of you purse. It’s right in one place. I use this for projects, summer camps, blog posts, etc.
  • Recipes or other things you can photograph rather than entering. An old recipe, someone just sent it to you, or its not on line? Just take a photo of the recipe and send the photo to Evernote. Now when you are at the store you can access all your recipes. I use this feature at the grocery store constantly.
  • Email your Evernote “notes”. You can simply share your Evernote pages with whomever you want. I use this for work, meetings, etc.
  • Voice notes. I have not done this yet, but I have it on good authority [Thanks, John!] that you can leave voice messages and Evernote transfers your message to print and leaves it in your Evernote notebook. I need to get to this one! No more trying to get in one last email while driving!

Some sites to search for more info on how to use and optimize Evernote:

What do you use to stay organized? How else have you used Evernote? Please share so we can all learn how we can keep our families and ourselves more organized!

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