Pinterest for Families: Why Join In?

I am always looking for a way to simplify my family’s life! I have enjoyed getting to know the blogging world, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote as well as some others. To nurture my creative side and keep my creative ideas organized I use Pinterest. This website is used by individuals and businesses alike and is growing in popularity at an incredible rate!

“Pinterest is a social media network based on images. If you find a recipe, a blog post, a pair of pants, a livingroom set, you can “pin” it to a board and share it with your followers. Similarly, if you see something someone else has “pinned” you can “repin” it to your board. Picture an enormous blank wall with individual bulletin boards organized by your interests.” As said by Social Velocity  I personally keep “pins” in categories such as: Crafts, DIY, Recipes, Design Ideas, Rainy Day Projects, Organizing, etc. But you can keep it in whatever form works for you. Be very careful because this “pinning” can get addicting!

Here’s why I love it:

1. It’s Easy: It allows me to organize my creative ideas and inspirations easily. I keep ideas of crafts to do with the kids, design ideas for our house, things that inspire me, etc… These are all kept on separate “boards”. I can find the ideas on Pinterest or elsewhere and simply “pin” to a board. [You can download a simple app that allows you to “pin” things to your account.]

2. It’s Creative: I can browse for ideas & follow people who have ideas & projects I like. I can take a look around Pinterest and find others who are posting things I appreciate. I can then “follow” them to find out what else they are doing.

3. It Helps Me Keep My Ideas Organized: I can organize recipes. There are tons of yummy recipes on Pinterest. You can get great ideas and keep them well organized on their own board.

4. It’s Always With Me: I can access Pinterest wherever I am. I like that I can pull up or share my boards any time.

To get started: Go to You have to request an invitation. If this doesn’t work just email me and I will shoot you an invitation. [When I tried to join without an invitation from someone already on it took weeks to get an invitation.] Then start to browse around. Before you start “pinning” ideas to boards you will want to consider what categories you want [just sketch it out before you get going]. Now make new boards and when you see something you like you can “pin” it to a board. You can also download a “pin it” app for your computer or phone so you can “pin” things you like outside of Pinterest.

If you have any questions shoot me an email or comment. Enjoy!

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