Calling Nature Detectives: A Free, Fun, and Self-Guided Opportunity on Boulder County Open Space

Get the kids outside and allow them to become Nature Detectives. Kids 11 and under will love becoming Nature Detectives! This program is an entertaining and engaging way to foster the love of nature in your children of all ages. You do not need special equipment or knowledge, just your children & their natural curiosity. The Boulder County Nature Detectives program includes Mystery Guides to many Boulder County Open Space properties and provides:

Once your child has completed three [3] Nature Detective programs they receive a prize. The more programs they complete the more prizes they collect.

The Nature Detectives program is free and available at the following trailheads. Caribou Ranch, Mud Lake, Betasso Preserve, Agricultural Heritage Center, Heil Valley Ranch, Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm, Meyers Homestead Trail at Walker Ranch, Pella Crossing Lake, & Walden Ponds. For more information on the Nature Detectives program & downloadable click here. Or for more information you can call 303-678-6201.

Good job, Boulder County, putting together Nature Detectives! I love the way you are engaging children in the outdoors! What other creative programs are there in Boulder like this one?

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