Family Blogs: Travel, Outdoor Adventures, Design, Crafts, Advice, and Much More

I am sharing some of the great family blogs I follow daily. Take a look. They are witty, insightful, useful, timely, and written by parents like you and me. I am really inspired by those who share their experiences with others!

I use an iGoogle page to manage my blogs. On iGoogle I can use RSS feeds to monitor all the blogs I am watching. Then I can just open one page and see at a glance what is happening on all the different blogs. I click through to what looks interesting. For more info on using iGoogle pages stay tuned for an upcoming blog post or send me an email and I can help you get a page started so you too can share some of these great blogs. 

What family blogs do you like? Do you use a page other than iGoogle to manage a large number of blog feeds?

Design Mom: This is a fun blog by mother of six living in France right now with her family. She takes great photos of her family in dreamy places all around Europe, has great craft ideas, etc…

Mommy Points: This blog is all about collecting travel and hotel points with a focus on family travel. Her tag line: “Giving my family the world [for free] one point at a time.”

Soule Mama: Amanda Soule, mother, writer, editor, gardener, reader. Hard to say what this amazing woman doesn’t do. I think she home schools her kids also, but don’t quote me on that one. This is a delightfully slow and close look at life of a family. Very well written!

Kid Project: This family of four loves to go on outdoor adventures. They keep on the road with their young ones climbing, hiking, and generally enjoying being together.

Improvised Life: This blog is about doing MORE with less…NOT striving for perfection but for personal expression, fun, creativity, and unique solutions. It is about found ideas from every field.

Delicious Baby: Making travel with kids fun! This blog offers city guides, product guides, and travel tips. This mom of three from Seattle makes travel with kids more fun and accessible.

Other Recommended Family Blogs:

Stroller Derby

Parent Hacks

Reboot This Marriage

Homemade Time

Little Coffee Beans [local Boulder blog]

What other blogs do you recommend?

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