Boulder Kids’ Activities: Make and Explode a Volcano!

Ahhh, the long, lazy days of summer. They are upon us, so I am starting a weekly post of some fun science, nature, and crafty activities to do with your kids. This post falls into the science category–making and exploding a volcano.

This activity can be simple, but kids love it! Even my 10 year old still loves to explode things and this fits in the category. How to make a volcano:

1. Find a mason jar. Have the kids put play dough or modeling clay around it to look like a volcano. You can let the clay dry and then paint it if you like. The jar should be on a tray to contain some of the explosion.

2. Put a few drops of dish liquid in the jar. Next put in water to about 1/4 full. Add food coloring for special effects.

3. Add 2+ tablespoons of baking soda (buy the cheap stuff)

4. Now you can add the vinegar and watch your volcano explode.

Extending the learning:

Talk with your kids about what happened. Why do they think that reaction took place? Let them really think about all they experienced.

Watch a few videos of volcanos so they can see what happens in real life. Talk about how land masses are formed.

Tell then about bases (baking soda) and acids (vinegar) and what happens when when they are combined (they create bubbles caused by the release of carbon dioxide).

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