Life Has Brought Us…Baby Birds!

We have a robin who has built a nest on our back deck. It’s out of the weather, but I can only surmise that she is a first time mama because she has lost eggs to squirrels, and seems bummed that we are a part of her experience as we come out of the house to play, eat, garden, hang out, etc… And just today my son found a brilliant blue egg cracked on our deck. We all hope at least one egg will make it. We steal peeks. But mainly we try to give her space and observe from a distance. My older son exclaimed the other day, “Mamma, she looks so proud!” And she does. She sits in the nest with her chest puffed out. She is doing her work. I love that my kids get to witness a miracle at such close range with all its complexities. This is life.

Our robin is not the only one nurturing some new baby birds into the world. Boulder County Open Space has a video camera on a current Osprey nest. The baby osprey chicks just hatched on May 25 and 26, so they are tiny. This is worth watching. Take a minute to show the kids this morning feeding. This is an exciting time of year. There is a lot of life in the air. Flowers are blooming, the pop fountain on Pearl Street has opened, school is out, and baby birds are being born. This is life.

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