DIY: Drinking Glasses As Whiteboards–You Can Write On Them!

If your house is like ours after a full-day there are a dozen cups laying around the house. My kids get one out in the morning. I get one out. That’s three. But then friends come over. Say we add a few more cups. But then they all forget whose cup is whose and in an instant there are another 4 cups out. I pull my hair out with this issue. But thanks to the blog,, I have found a solution.

Sharpies. Sounds crazy, but they tested it out and you can write on glass [or mirrors] with a sharpie and it simply washes off. So get a great selection of Sharpies [you can pick up colorful packs at Costco reasonably] and have the kids, their friends create a work of art [or just write their names] on their glasses. So simple. So creative. So easy to do. Saves time running around after your kids’ glasses all around the house and opens up room in the dishwasher for more important things. You can also remove the writing with warm, soapy water.

Photos from the which is a great blog!

Additional uses: wine glasses instead of those dorky wine rings, write love notes to your kids/partner on the mirror, or take notes.

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