Family Travel: Blogs About Traveling All Around The World With Your Kids

My family is deep in contemplation about traveling. We have traveled with our 2 kids all around the world since they were both under a year. Both my kids had passports by the time they were 7 months old. Travel brings us together. It give my family and my kids the opportunity to really count on each other–without the trappings of everyday life, friends, & distractions. It gives our family rich experiences as we head off the beaten path whenever we can.

If you are considering travel, just go. Take that trip you have been thinking about. Be inspired to take your 1 year old to Central America–you can do it–and though they may not remember details, the experience will be an integral part of their being. At all ages we gain both tangible and non-tangible growth from experiences such as travel.

We are talking as a family about putting together a trip, and as I did some research I came across a fun website about a single mom and her son who have been traveling for 8 years. She listed 5 Fun Kid Outings in Antigua, Guatemala. She has also listed some other great family-friendly travel blogs that give advice on what to do with kids in all sorts of places:

List Of Fun Things To Do Traveling With Kids: Antigua, Thailand, Turkey, Israel, Netherlands, UK, etc… These sites reach far and wide around the globe to help you come up with ideas of what to do in different countries with kids.

Bellissima Kids: What To Do WIth Kids in Stockholm, London, Paris, etc.. She has a list of many ideas.

National Geographic Hosted Blog: Global Bros brings you highlights from a family’s year long trip around the world, written by the kids.

Are you thinking of traveling somewhere with your kids soon? Do you have any suggestions for families planning travel around the country or around the world?

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