The Parent’s Guide to the Five Love Languages of Children

I want to thank Boba Carriers for posting the Parent’s Guild to the Five Love Languages of Children. They are clearly based on the 5 Love Languages books and materials. This helps us to see each of our children in a new light, to see what matters and motivates them, and understand how we can interact and support them in the best ways based on their love languages. Very insightful! One more tool in your parenting bag of tricks….

One of my kids is such a quality time boy! But it was not until I read this post that I realize why he likes to run errands with me while is older brother is just not interested. My older son on the other hand resonates with the love language of touch and he loves to snuggle, cuddle watching his favorite tv show [cake boss/Myth Busters].

Here are some online profiles from the 5 Love Languages folks for adults and children. They are free to take and they give you some great insight into yourself and your child.

Profile for Children

Profile for Parents of Teens 

Profile for Adults


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