What To Do With The Kids When It’s Cold Outside: Ideas and Inspirations!

BRCThe winter can seem long and cold. When you have got young ones it is always a good idea to have some indoor activities in your bag of tricks. Here are some ideas to help you get the kids moving and engaged.

Swimming Pools

Rock Clubs





Parenting Support Groups

4 thoughts on “What To Do With The Kids When It’s Cold Outside: Ideas and Inspirations!

  1. I would add to the list places like Shredder, the Boulder JCC, and Cats Gym, all of which have open gym times for kids to play. They aren’t free, but neither is WOW! or the Rec Centers. I would love more suggestions for where to take the younger crowd (under 2). And does anyone know what happened to the Loft?

    • I think the library story times are great for the younger kiddos. I also think the swimming pools are a great on a cold day. Swim then jump in the hottub with the kiddos to warm up. I have seen really young kids bouldering and rock climbing [but maybe not under 2]. Let me know if you think of anything else!

  2. Movement Gym also has climbing and day care for the little ones. Plus yoga, weights, bouldering. Check the day-care schedule to see when it’s open. It isn’t open all the time. I’ve heard of moms gathering there and, while the kids play in the play room, the moms get to climb together. Not exactly ‘family time’ but it’s still fun for all.

    I’d also add that in Nederland there is the Carousel of Happiness for only $1 a ride, next to the Buffalo Bill’s train coffee and treat shop, and plenty of snow to play in up around there. It makes a nice day-trip. We try to do it once a week. Play, get tired and cold, thaw with hot chocolate and a picnic lunch, and then a ride.

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