Too Much Candy? Here Are A Few Ideas Of What To Do With That Loot!

Too much candy? Not sure what to do with it? Here are 2 alternatives if you just have too much of a good thing…
The Candy Fairy
Your child can put out a bag of candy by the side of her bed and in the morning it is magically gone and the Candy Fairy has left something in its place — a book, a nerf football, a new paint set….
The Halloween Candy Buy Back Program:
Your child can take in candy to one of the two local dentists below in change for cold, hard cash– call for details
Dental Horizons–Tues Nov. 5, 4-6pm
600 S. Airport Rd., Suite 200-A
Longmont, CO, 80503
Phone: (303) 776-3320
Colorado Healthy Smiles–Fri. Nov. 1, 4-5pm
380 Empire Rd., Suite 140
Phone: 303-469-3344

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