A Perfect Review of The Magic Flute by 2 Amazing 3 Year Olds


Finn takes a closer look at the set of the Magic Flute

First I would like to thank The Boulder Opera Company for bringing our community such amazing performances. The most recent one was Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Always kid friendly, keep an eye out for this talented team to see what they produce next. We sent a team of reviewers to give us a kid’s view point. Thanks to the review team of Finn & Stevie! These 3 year old buddies offered to see the performance and give us their feedback.

The Magic Flute with the Boulder Opera Chamber Orchestra, as reviewed by two 3-year-olds:

Reviewer: Finn 

About me:  I am 3-years-old.  I am not a professional critic, but I play one at home.  This is my first opera, my first time in a theater, my first time in a dark room without a bed or a pillow.

Mozart’s The Magic Flute is one of my favorite CD’s in the car.  When I heard that the opera was coming to town, I switched some play dates around in my schedule to go.  I am glad that I went, but I would say that I am on the young side for this performance.  I was not sure what to expect.  There were a lot of sudden outbursts and lunging gestures.  Some say that is typical in opera.  My parents thought the Boulder Opera Chamber Orchestra, the vocal performances, and the choreography were exceptional.  I liked the Nomad Theater, but I would have liked it better had I known where the light switches were.  The guard, Monostatos, scared me at first.  He is the one who threatens Princess Pamina, jumps around, and ties people up.  Lots of older kids and adults around me laughed, so that made me think he was not all that bad.  He did a lot of bumbling and stumbling, which is what I like to see from my adults.  Even so, I clutched my mommy’s neck and asked to be taken out midway through.  I could still hear the orchestra music through the doors.  This made me want to go back in.  I am glad I did.  The last two scenes and songs were the funniest.  Princess Pamina would inch closer to hug Prince Tamino as he played the flute and inched away from her.  Papagena would tickle Papageno and he would wriggle and shake his whole body, which made me smile.  Papageno was my favorite.  He plays the Birdcatcher.  He would have looked even better in a cloak of feathers.  Papageno and Papagena had the best chemistry together (again, so my parents say).  One of the best parts of the show is that they let the kids go up on the stage and check out the props and see the actors up-close.  Papagena showed me the dragon costume.  Later, Papageno let me play the magic bells in the lobby.  I am also keeping the program from the show.  It has a pretty picture of the Queen of the Night.

Reviewer: Stevie

I went today with my mommy and grandma to see an opera, for the first time! We saw The Magic Flute written by somebody with a very long name. I am only three years old, so I didn’t know what to expect when mommy said that we’re going to the opera. When we entered, I saw lots of boys and girls already there waiting for something to start. I was quite a bit nervous. Then the lights were dimmed and two people came on stage. This is when the opera began. I got it! Big people were going on and off the stage, which was all beautifully lit, to sing a story. I couldn’t quite follow the story, because it was very complicated and also sung in a funny language, but I sure liked the people singing and acting, and the musicians playing the instruments. I liked all the voices and all the characters, but I especially liked Monostatos. (My mom and grandma, who have been to the opera many times, also thought the performance was very good). I think that The Magic Flute, even shortened, was best for the older children there, who seemed to enjoy it till the very end. Some children actually said that they loved it. Being three, I was engaged for about half of the show, and then it was a little too much for me. If I was running this performance, I would suggest that it’s best suited for children 4 and older.  But I look forward to the future operas when I get bigger.

1 thought on “A Perfect Review of The Magic Flute by 2 Amazing 3 Year Olds

  1. So great to read these reviews, Amanda! Thanks again for facilitating all of this and for all of your support! We had a great run!

    I hope that you have a great holiday season with your family!

    All the best, Christy

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