2016 Free Days Announced

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There is such thing as a free lunch! Yup, the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District funds free days throughout the year at all sorts of awesome family-friendly places such as:

  • Denver Zoo
  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Denver Art Museum [this one is FREE every day for kids under 18!]
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Longmont History Museum
  • Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum

Check out their listing of Free Days at SCFD.

These days can be so welcome for families with small children – especially in the winter. Take them to the Denver Botanic Gardens and let them run around and explore nature indoors and outdoors. Take them to the Denver Zoo and bundle up for a fun escapade to see these unique animals. Take them to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and you can stay all day checking out the interactive exhibits and even catch an IMAX movie [not free].


1 thought on “2016 Free Days Announced

  1. Warning. All of the above Denver destinations allow firearms. I wouldn’t call that family friendly.

    State Law allows cultural institutions to exempt themselves from “guns anywhere” if they install metal detectors. All of the Denver museums chose to forgo the cost of metal detectors, and allow anyone to bring in firearms.

    I love these museums. My kids love these museums. But a tragedy is inevitable. My kids won;t be there for the carnage. Will yours?

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