Chase Credit Card Benefits: Purchase Security & Why It Rocks!

Chase Credit Card Benefits: Purchase Security & Why It Rocks!

There are a lot of credit card benefits you don’t know you have! I also bet there have been times you could have used those benefits and saved some cash! This post explores the Purchase Security benefit from Chase.

Purchase security is really what it sounds like. It secures your purchases from anything that could happen to them for 120 days. The credit card I will highlight is my Chase Ink Business Plus, which is a great card for all sorts of reasons which I will go into in this series later. What I found out is that All Purchases on the Ink Business Plus are covered for 120 days if they are lost, damaged, or generally rendered unusable. This benefit played out big time for my family this year. For example, my son’s Faction skis were fully replaced when he ruined them skiing rails in the terrain park in Vail, Colorado, because we had purchased them less than 120 ago.

This is what I did to get our money back…

This is the edge of the skis. The damage to these skis was extensive!

First I checked to make sure we had purchased them within the 120 day window. Check! Next I took photos of the damage and sent those to Faction to request that they warranty the damage. They kindly emailed me to tell me that type of damage was not covered by warranty. Fine. Check. Then I called customer service at the credit card and they sent me to their Card Benefits Services department. This department asked me a few questions and told me to complete an application online. I did so and uploaded the documents I had collected. They requested:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Photo of the skis
  • Email stating they were not covered under warranty
  • Credit card statement showing the purchase using my card

This is the Card Benefit Services website page. I was able to manage the entire claims process online. Super simple!

None of these were too difficult to come up with. I uploaded them into their system and in 10 days I received a check to cover the skis [minus tax, shipping, etc.. even though I had paid for those on the card as well]. It was that simple. I am still in shock.

The moral of this story is that there are a lot of credit card benefits that you should learn about and not overlook. It feels like free money, but of course it’s not, it is just part of the benefit you can expect when you sign up for many credit cards.

Questions? Thoughts? Let me know… -Amanda

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