Storytelling: Connect With Your Kids Through Telling Your Stories!

Don’t be scared. Don’t be nervous. I just want to encourage you to tell your kids stories. Often we think of storytelling as an art form we need to perfect. We think we cannot tell stories because we are not “storytellers”. But we are each storytellers!

Tell your stories! Think of a time you went on an adventure. When you tried something new. When ran into trouble. You get the idea. Last night I told my kids the story of my husband’s car he had in college. We drove in that car from Indiana to Mass and he had to tie the seats together with webbing so they would not fall out the edges of the car that was so rusted from living on the East Coast that you could see daylight on the edges of the car. They laughed and laughed. Storytelling helps them to see us as more human. It helps us connect to each other. They used to beg me to tell them all the stories I have about bears. I would tell them the stories over and over each night. They loved hearing the stories. They asked such great questions and we discussions spun into living in nature, hiking, camping, etc… Tell them your story!!!

My favorite kids storyteller is Odds Bodkins. He weaves the most amazing tales that enrapture kids. You can find his work on on Amazon.

Do you have any suggestions of storytellers [other than yourself] that you like?

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