It’s Too Hot!: What To Do With Your Family In The Heat

Here are some ideas to get you and your family out of the heat of Boulder. Sometimes in this heat our brains shut down and we cannot think of anything creative to do with the family to beat this heat–well here are some suggestions. Let us know what your favorite ways of having fun, but staying cool. We want to know!

Visit Pearl Street: Visit the pop fountain, take a ride on the TEBO train, get a coffee and/or kid friendly drink at Spruce Confection on West Pearl, where you can avoid the heat in their shady courtyard. You can also stop in to Piece, Love & Chocolate for a yummy treat.

Take a Tour: Check out the FREEĀ Celestial Seasonings tour. They are open almost every day and you get free samples. Kids love this one! For more info click here.

Get in the Creek: We are really lucky to have Boulder Creek running through town. Don’t forget there are family friendly sites just East of the library to play in the creek. Walk up the bike path from there to watch the kayakers navigate the kayak course. Bring a picnic. Head to the library to pick up a book, look at the art exhibits, or just play in the kids’ area.

Head to Nederland: It is always cooler in the Mountains. Take a trip to Nederland where you can ride on the Carousel of Happiness, get a yummy treat such as the “famous” donuts at the Train next door. It is a beautifully restored old train with stained glass windows and wonderful details including a very extensive candy shop–the kids will really love it and you can sit down in the cafe to enjoy the treats.

Go for a Hike: Try the Anne U. White trail for a shady hike that is approximately 3 miles round trip. This is a fun and easy hike for your family and much of it is shady and wanders along a creek. For more details and directions click here.

Other ideas: Make popsicles, make slushies, make juice ice cubes, turn on the sprinkler, make a fort in the living room or outside, buy a block of ice and head to your nearest large hill and ride the block of ice down the hill, sit under a tree and sketch the coldest place on earth, etc…

This should get you started. I am personally thinking chilly thoughts for all of us at this point.

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