Trip Review: Valmont Bike Park

Valmont Bike Park is amazing! Really, truly, amazing! Right here in Boulder we have a world class bike park that offers terrain for ALL rider levels. I love watching the confluence of hardcore riders and kids on wheel-less bikes all riding near each other. All getting along. I even saw a dad with a child in a pack on his back riding some relatively technical rides. Refreshing!

The Valmont Bike Park is located East of Foothills Parkway on Valmont Road [3160 Valmont Road, Boulder]. There are trails for every level here or if your little one is ready for some play time they can take a break at the kids’ area. There is a climbing structure and spinning seats as well as a solid surface that makes it easier for little ones to bike around. All the trails are marked so you know what you are getting into. XS, S, M, L, XL. I know you get the idea. The kids get it too. They quickly learn what level feels comfortable and they can look for the signs that show them which route to take. What I cannot emphasize enough is that this is a space designed for everyone. Go as a whole family, no matter the range of biking abilities in your group.

The Valmont Bike Park does not offer pads at every turn. Your kids are not roped up. And there are a lot of places to test your boundaries. But this place WILL inspire confidence in your kids. I even went over a wooden bridge I would normally not touch. I have to be honest, I was following my emboldened 8 year old and I just couldn’t not try.

Take some time to interact with this incredible resource in our Boulder community. Bring a picnic and stay for a good long time. I know you will love it. The Valmont Bike Park website. Or visit them on Facebook.

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