Developmental Assets for Kids: What they are + how to develop them in your children

What are the assets our kids need to be happy and successful in life, school, work, relationships, etc…? The Search Institute has identified lists of building blocks of healthy development—known as Developmental Assets—that help young children grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Below you will find a list of those developmental assets that are important for children at different ages. They carefully describe both children’s internal and external assets and give examples of how to develop these assets in our children.

Here is an example of the Support list for children ages 8 to 12. It includes both suggestions of important assets and how to take action to develop these skills/assets. They break them into categories of Support, Empowerment, Boundaries and Expectations, Constructive Use of Time, Commitment to Learning, Positive Values, Social Competencies, Positive Identity.

Site: Search Institute – Creators of The 40 Developmental Assets: Resources, trainings, downloads, etc.

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