Gratitude & Thankfulness: It’s a way of life!

Happy Thanksgiving, Boulder Families! On this day we think about what we are grateful for and share our blessings with others [If we are lucky and not just trying to get through the day because there are so many things to do and get ready]. I want to share with Boulder Families one of my favorite parenting guides/supports–The Daily Groove. This brilliant nugget of wisdom shows up magically in my In-Box every day. I read it–most days. I connect to it. I love the daily reminders to trust myself, listen to my instincts, relax, enjoy parenting, and honor my relationships. I will leave you today with a Daily Groove.

For a practical way of increasing gratitude check out my post on Thankfulness Trees.

:: A Post-Modern Thanksgiving ::

Transforming your life experience (including
parenting) from a *grind* to a *groove* leads
to a peculiar realization:

It’s all GOOD… even the “bad” stuff!

There are hidden blessings in *every* situation.
You may not see some of those blessings for quite
some time — perhaps years — but who’s to say you
can’t enjoy them before you know what they are?
Don’t you enjoy receiving a gift even before you’ve
unwrapped it? 🙂

So if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today, try
giving thanks for things that don’t normally
garner your gratitude:

* Your child’s crying, whining, aggression, etc.

* The person who judged or criticized your

* That thing you said or did to your child
that you promised you never would.

Allow yourself to appreciate that LIFE IS GOOD…
*all* of it! Acknowledge the gift of *shadows*,
without which the Light would have no depth.

Have fun!

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