Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays!

It is time to focus on gratitude! 2012 has been a year of some tough times. Here in Colorado and around the country we have faced some seriously tragic events. At times it can be tough to remember that the world is many filled with goodness.

For 2013 consider creating a Gratitude Jar. Fill it with notes about good things that happen, things you appreciate about friends and family, and just note things you are grateful for as they come up. Get the whole family involved! Make it a tradition to add something to the jar and watch it fill up.

Then open the jar at the end of 2013 and look back on all the things that happened during the year.


Gratitude & Thankfulness: It’s a way of life!

Happy Thanksgiving, Boulder Families! On this day we think about what we are grateful for and share our blessings with others [If we are lucky and not just trying to get through the day because there are so many things to do and get ready]. I want to share with Boulder Families one of my favorite parenting guides/supports–The Daily Groove. This brilliant nugget of wisdom shows up magically in my In-Box every day. I read it–most days. I connect to it. I love the daily reminders to trust myself, listen to my instincts, relax, enjoy parenting, and honor my relationships. I will leave you today with a Daily Groove.

For a practical way of increasing gratitude check out my post on Thankfulness Trees.

:: A Post-Modern Thanksgiving ::

Transforming your life experience (including
parenting) from a *grind* to a *groove* leads
to a peculiar realization:

It’s all GOOD… even the “bad” stuff!

There are hidden blessings in *every* situation.
You may not see some of those blessings for quite
some time — perhaps years — but who’s to say you
can’t enjoy them before you know what they are?
Don’t you enjoy receiving a gift even before you’ve
unwrapped it? 🙂

So if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today, try
giving thanks for things that don’t normally
garner your gratitude:

* Your child’s crying, whining, aggression, etc.

* The person who judged or criticized your

* That thing you said or did to your child
that you promised you never would.

Allow yourself to appreciate that LIFE IS GOOD…
*all* of it! Acknowledge the gift of *shadows*,
without which the Light would have no depth.

Have fun!