Fisher Auto: Bringing the Keeping Kids Safe Project to Boulder

keepingkidssafeThis Friday & Saturday Fisher Auto is bringing The Keeping Kids Safe Project to Boulder.  This is a FREE event where you can have your children’s vital information collected: finger prints and images. You are given these items for safe keeping. I hate to be a part of fueling the fear factor around child abductions, but considering the incident that happened very near us recently I think this may be a valuable resource for families. Even if it is just for piece of mind.

Information from Fisher Auto’s website:

What: S.I.P. Kids will be on hand running the event and taking FBI quality digital fingerprints and photographs of your children.  This inkless digital capture device will provide high quality images that will be added to your child’s file.  This file is then provided to the parent to store for safe-keeping.  The only record taken is sent directly home – we do not database any information.  In case of an emergency, parents will then be able to turn this file over to the authorities anywhere in the world to instantly aid in the investigation, saving crucial time and resources.

Why: Many children are reported missing in the USA each year.  Although some are found within a few minutes or hours police officials say that time is critical in the recovery of a missing child.  A major source of wasted time is in the gathering of resources, fingerprints, statistical information and photographs which can be avoided by providing a pre-made file to the authorities.

When: Friday, 12/7, 3 to 7pm & Saturday, 12/8, 10am to 4pm

Where: Fisher Auto at 6025 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder

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