Get Ready, Get Set: Screen Free Week Is Coming…


Screen Free Week is coming up, April 29 through May 5, 2013. This is the nationally organized week dedicated to getting us all to turn off electronics and commit to play, read, create, and get physically active!

But wait, how could we get along in this world without our multiple gadgets and screens? How many times do you find yourself just checking that last email as you are trying to rush your kids out the door? Let’s take this week and power down! Let’s roll model how to be present and unplug!

I was excited to hear that the City of Lafayette’s Bob Berger Recreation Center is offering kids K-12 a free week pass to the Rec Center if they register and commit to go screen free. More information and to register for the FREE REC CENTER WEEK PASS here.


Want more information on how to go screen free? Ideas for homes, schools, and communities can be found at or visit them on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set: Screen Free Week Is Coming…

    • I agree. Let’s turn off, chill out, & power down. It’s going to be hard. What do I do on my blog? You are so right, the City of Lafayette deserves a BIG shout out for joining in the fun and encouraging families to power down!

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