Sweet, Delicious, Cold Iced Tea!

IMG_2327We go through a lot of liquid in our house. Beside my 2 kids, there are usually a few extra at our house. Instead of giving them juice, I keep iced tea in the refrigerator. It is naturally sweet and costs very little to make. Most importantly, kids love it!

I used to boil hot water for tea. But then I would worry about putting hot water in my glass container–maybe it would crack. Putting hot water in plastic–not an option. It was also a step that some days I just could not do. Then I found Celestial Seasonings’ Cold Brewed tea. Be careful to pick up the herbal, non-caffeinated sort. Put a few tea bags in your glass bottle, fill with cold water, put in the refrigerator or over ice and you have a delicious drink your kids will love! Really, they will love it! It’s sweet, cold, and healthy. It is also relatively cheap to make.

Instant Iced Tea!

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