Kids: What Do The Outdoors, Rock Climbing, and Special Needs Have To Do With It?

I have been thinking a lot about differences. I have personal experience struggling with parenting my two very different children. Tonight I heard about the struggles of a friend’s preschooler who is very sensitive & at the same moment aggressive. I sit on a finance committee that makes though choices about how to spend money at a local public elementary school and hear from many different parents abohow the needs of their kids or find them advocating for a specific special need. The most recent being TAG & sensory integration (was a new one for me).

It is so easy for us to see one right way to be–especially for those of us with kids in public schools (even the ones described as great such as BVSD). Sit still. Listen carefully. Do your work. What about those kids who don’t fit into the mold? Your child may not be autistic or be diagnosed with ADHD, but there still some strong lessons. Here are a few inspiring articles about families with kids who have special needs and how they support them and themselves through activity and the outdoors.

Rock Climbing, therapy for ADHD? (I love this article! Thanks to

Nature as a support for Autism

What about articles on how nature and outdoor activities support gifted kids?Howe about kids with dyslexia? And of course ALL our kids need nature and outdoor activity!