Boulder School Kids: Cool Days Off School Programs

If you have school age kids you know that though school has started our kids are often out. There are professional days, conference exchange days, holidays–you name it. In fact we have only had one full week at this point. Sometimes these days off school even sneaks up on you. If you are a working parent, have something scheduled on those days, or your child just wants an opportunity to do something new, then you may be looking for something educational and fun for them. Here are some suggestions:

Factory Made: Offers creative programs for kids ages 7 to 17 on days when they are not in

YMCA: The Y offers an amazing variety of sports and general programs. They offer a sliding scale for most programs so everyone can take part.

CU Science Discovery: They offer classes in a wide variety of science related topics. Their offerings change so check back to see what fits best for your child.

Life Long Learning: They offer classes for kids and teens in a large variety of topics.

Square State Skate: These are fun skateboarding programs run by two educators. They know how to bring together education, technique and fun all wrapped up together. The programs are full days and reasonably priced.