Want To Find A Great Book For Your Child? Here Are Some Resources!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 10.18.18 AMThere are so many great books. At times it can feel like there are too many options. Where are the really great ones? Other times it is easy to feel stuck in a reading rut. When you have already read all the books you have in the house–a dozen times–it’s time to find more resources.

  1. Ask a friend with a child your child’s age or above
  2. Ask a teacher/childcare provider
  3. Head to the library and browse some books. Let your child take a look at lots of books, read a bit of each of them, etc.
  4. Go to some story times at your local library to be inspired by the great picks from your librarian
  5. Check out the lists created by the Boulder Public Library

The Boulder Public Library has created lists of interests to children. Some examples of list topics:

  1. Strong females
  2. Fairies
  3. Dragons
  4. Fire Trucks
  5. Early readers
  6. Pirates
  7. Chapter books for boys
  8. And many, many more!

FInd some great lists from the Boulder Public Library here.