Amazon + Whole Foods + Amex = Easy $20 Savings Delivered

Amazon Prime has changed the landscape of shopping for many of us. Add Prime Now – a delivery service – and some of us may never go to the grocery store again. Okay, maybe you will go to the grocery store again, but here’s an easy way to save $20 AND get your groceries delivered.

It’s not big news any longer but Amazon bought Whole Foods. I don’t personally notice much of a savings since their big hype about prices going down, but now you can save some cash by ordering delivery through Amazon at Whole Food and paying with your Amex card. I did it today!


  • Go to 
  • Load a minimum of $20 of items into your cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Sign in to your Amazon Prime account
  • Choose a delivery time frame [2 hour windows]
  • Choose to use your Amex card for payment 


  • When you check out put AMEX20 in as your promo code
  • Complete payment and wait for your groceries to show up on your doorstep. Here is the fine print of the offer. The key here is you have to use your Amex Card and be a current Amazon Prime member. It was super easy!


Instacart. Insta-Groceries. Get $10 off…

instacart-logoIn case you haven’t noticed there is a new grocery biz in town – Instacart. This new service delivers groceries to you within a few hours – so when you are running around trying to juggle it all – school pick up, soccer practice, getting dinner on the table, getting in some exercise – this service could actually be a lifesaver! And they deliver from Whole Foods, Costco & King Soopers!

I must disclose that Instacart got ahold of me to try their new delivery service and write about my experience. But I am always honest about reviews and give an honest assessment of the products or services! In the same vein as Uber who revolutionized that art of hailing a cab, Instacart is working on revolutionizing how we shop. They are not game changers they are simply improving on a product that was available in the past [but not at Whole Foods and Costco].

Details of Instacart:

  1. Order online –
  2. Order from Whole Foods, Costco or King Soopers
  3. Get delivery within a few hours
  4. No delivery cost if you meet a minimum order amount – $35
  5. Delivery hours – 9am to Midnight

They asked me and I gladly Instacarted. This was within the first few days of their Boulder launch. Here is how it rolled out – I used my computer. The website was easy to use. It did not include all products but it had enough. I purchased about $30 of groceries at Whole Foods. So far so good! Then I got a message that there were a few items unavailable – did I want them to replace those items with like items or remove from my order? Good question.  I was glad I was only working in my house and not on a run since I had to think about that one. Then they texted saying they would be a bit later than promised – not big deal as this was one of their first days and I was in no rush. Just happy not to be going to the store for those last minute groceries. The shopper showed up on my door step with all my groceries in a very cute Instacart bag. It felt so indulgent I almost had to pinch myself!

I give Instacart a B+. I would certainly try them again! I would always purchase the minimum to avoid the delivery fees. Want to give them a try? They gave me a code so readers can try their service and get $10 off your first purchase.

Get $10 Off Your First Order @ Instacart – 

What do you think about using Instacart? Will you use them? If you tried them, will you use them again?