Family Deals: $20 off at Whole Foods/JetBlue/Disney/Kids Eat Free!

I am really excited about this one! Today I got $20 back from AMEX for doing my usual shopping at Whole Foods. It feels great! It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. I did it today and it worked! Read on…

  • Amex/Whole Foods & More Deal: Amex and Twitter are offering awesome promotions right now and you can find them summarized right here. Honestly I am most excited about the $20 off at Whole Foods [I signed up today and I got a note right away from Amex saying I earned $20 after shopping at Whole Foods & spending $75. WooHoo!!!], $15 off at Sports Authority [think soccer & other sports], $ off at Best Buy, & much more. You do need to get a Twitter acct, but that’s easy. [If it feels overwhelming shoot me a note and I will send you a step by step outline showing you how to make this offer work, including signing up for Twitter.] How to sync an Amex card to Twitter here.
  • JetBlue Deal: Livingsocial is running a pay $25 and get $50 to spend on travel between Denver and JFK or Boston. Get your deal right here.
  • Disney Deal: From Aug. 25 through Sep. 29 Disney is offering a free dining plan on vacations of 5 nights or more. The free dining plan can save a family a lot of money as the food at Disney can get quite expensive.
  • Other Deals: Whole Foods: Organic Strawberries are on sale for $4.99 & yummy pizzas at the Pearl St. store for $8.99 on Fridays [usually $13.99 I think]. Lucky’s Market: Organic Avocados 2/$1.
  • Kids Eat Free!: I keep updating the Kids Eat Free! in Boulder listing on the blog. So check back often to see what’s up with dining out.

What other deals should families know about right now? Shout it out!

I am not compensated in any way for showing you these deals. I just want families to know about great deals that are out there.

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