August 1st is Colorado Day!

Colorado Day is August 1, 2012. Happy 136th birthday to Colorado!

  • Admission to the History Colorado Center [new history center in Denver] is FREE on Colorado Day [regularly $10/adults & Children $6]! There are special events going on all day including a magician at the newly opened History Colorado Center. They are sure to make it fun for kids and adults alike. Also see the cool LEGO-rado display which will be gone soon. Free. All ages. 10:00 to 5:00pm.
  • Information on Colorado History for adults and older kids. Do you know your colorado history?
  • Colorado History for Kids from Kids can learn the basics of Colorado history here.

Happy Wednesday!!!!!

1 thought on “August 1st is Colorado Day!

  1. We just got home from the History Colorado Center and we were blown away. It was FREE today and we were in Denver already, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. What a great space. The kids LOVED the LEGO-rado where lego engineers built replicas of Colorado past, present, & future. It was intricate, realistic, and captivated our gang for an hour.

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