Kale Your Whole Family Will Enjoy! Really!!

I have been thinking a lot about Kale. Sounds funny, but it is so healthy and I have found a way to get my kids [and husband] to eat it. I make Kale Chips. They are so easy and even my nieces who are super picky eaters couldn’t get enough of what they thought were just green chips. Of course they wouldn’t touch them until they felt the healthy competition with my two boys who were clearly going to clean the bowl.

The good stuff in Kale:

Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin E, Folacin, Iron, Potassium, & Magnesium

Kale Chips Recipe

  • Buy one head of kale [I’ve tried all different types and the kids like them all]
  • Clean and chop into 1″ to 2″ pieces
  • Put kale “chips” into the bowl and coat lightly with olive oil and a pinch of salt [I like sea salt]
  • Turn oven to broil and place the uncooked “chips” on a baking tray or glass pan
  • Cook the kale for 5 minutes [more or less depending on your over] turning every minute or when some chips start to get crispy, but others are still soft. You are aiming for some consistency. Most kids prefer them crispy, but not over cooked [blackened].
  • Pull them out. Let them cool for a few minutes. Put them in front of your kids and watch them inhale them!

No Cook Kale Chips

I read a blog [I cannot find it now!] about “No Cook Kale”. This mom did more of less what I suggest above, but then she put the tray of kale on the dash of her car on one of our warm days. She left it there for an hour or so and when she picked up her kids from school they were warm and ready to eat. By the time they were home the whole tray was gone.

Lemon Kale Chips

Elana’s Pantry recipe for Lemon Kale Chips. This website is always good for excellent Gluten Free recipes. I highly recommend it!

What other nutritious snacks do your kids/family love? 

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