Family-Friendly Ski Pass Deals You Don’t Want To Miss!

Skiing can be expensive, so if you are a family that likes to ski, it’s best to get a season pass. Here is what you should know about current pass promotions for families with kids and teens. I’m posting now even though Vail Resorts’ Epic Pass has not posted their 2018/19 season pass details because there are some time sensitive season pass decisions to be made. Here’s what we know about family-friendly promotions for the new IKON Pass and the Mountain Collective. 

IKON Pass. The new IKON offers different levels of passes just like the Epic, but does it a little differently. They offer unlimited access to Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Steamboat, Eldora, Mammoth, Squaw Valley, and a few more. with then limited access to mountains like Aspen, Snowmass, Jackson Hole, Big Sky, and more. They offer 26 ski destinations in North America. The passes for kids or teens fully match up with the adult pass products.

Kids 12 & under: $149 for Ikon Base Pass & $199 for Ikon Pass. The kids pass price is good through April 9, 2018.

Teens/College: $479 for Ikon Base & $719 for Ikon

[For perspective: one day lift tickets at Aspen are $169/adult and $112/child/teen]

Get the details @ IKON Pass

Mountain Collective Pass. This pass offers 2 days of skiing at their 16 resorts for a total of 32 days of skiing at resorts such as Aspen, Alta, Taos, Snowbird, etc. This may work for some families, but it may not for others. The kids passes fully match up with the adult pass product. Early Season Adult price: $409

Kids 12 & under: Get a kid’s pass for $1 with the purchase of an adult pass and $99 for additional kid passes.

Teens/College: No Discount – real bummer!

[For perspective: one day lift tickets at Aspen are $169/adult and $112/child/teen]

Get the details @ Mountain Collective.

Epic Pass. No news yet from Vail Resorts on their 2018/19 season pass products. I’m wondering what to expect from Vail – I assume we will see the FREE Epic School Kids back which offers 16 days of skiing between Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone, for kids K-5th grade. The question is will Vail Resorts jump in with more discounted kids and teen passes? If they want to get more ski families in the Front Range and beyond, I sure hope so. I’m crossing my fingers!

Get the details @ Epic Pass  or Epic School Kids

Are you excited for the new IKON Pass? What pass will your family get? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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Super Science Saturday at NCAR Puts the Fun Into Science!

Super Science Saturday is this Saturday, November 7, 2015.

Super Science Saturday is such a fun family-friendly Boulder event! Bring on your littlest and biggest science explorers for a fun filled day from 10 am – 4 pm. This annual event at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) brings kids and adults together to explore hands-on activities, think about new ideas, and learn about science. This year’s theme is “LIGHT”!

Activities and Events:

Location: NCAR Mesa Lab at 1850 Table Mesa, Boulder, CO 80305. 
See the map for more location details. 

Date/Time: Saturday, November 7, 2015 from 10am to 4pm

Get more details on Super Science Saturday:

Vail Offers Families More Than Skiing and Snowboarding! Here is what Skyler and I found when we took off our skis

The crew is ready!

The crew is ready!

Recently I was asked to attend a media day at Vail. Gladly I accepted. My family has loved skiing Vail since our kids were young and we feel like the area is our second winter home. It really is. So I boldly took Skyler, my 4th grader, out of school [TCAPs happening and all] and we headed up the mountain. This was going to be a day of experiential education! 

We pulled up to the Arrabelle and valet parked our car [Thanks, Vail and yes, I would love to stay with my family at the Arrabelle one day!]. All the little touches that ensure you know you are at a high end resort were present and made this space subtly magnificent. But alas we were not checking in so we gave our keys over to parking attendant, poured ourselves some hot chocolate and coffee, and headed out to our Vail playground destination.

We made our way to the gondola [right around the corner] and met up with our media day crew. Many of these writers brought their kids along too which made it even more fun! We immediately headed up to Adventure Ridge with the intention of trying out their zipline, tubing, & snowmobiles. We wanted to know what families with kids who don’t ski, or families wanting to take a day off, can expect from the on-mountain activity center. It turns out Adventure Ridge is a great option!


I have to be honest. I am scared of heights and going too fast. I ski fast only to keep up with my family at this point. But I was not going out there with a bunch of kids and parents and not getting on the activities. I had to save face at all costs. So Skyler and I grabbed our tubes and got on the sort of odd conveyor belt that took us to our destination at the top of the hill. The other option was walking up, so we were fine with the ride. Skyler went first. He plopped the tube down, asked the attendant a few questions [he likes to make sure he does things the right way], and off he went. So quickly I almost missed his ride.

Me on the other hand, I slowly and cautiously got in my tube trying not to make eye contact with the ride organizer. But I didn’t go unnoticed so she made her way over and gave me a gentle shove off the edge. It was really fast! So fast.  But it was exhilarating and awesome at the same time. I was sold. I jumped off my tube and ran to catch up with Skyler to take another run. This time we went together. He wanted a spin. We settled on just going down forward this time. Next time we spun. And spun. And spun. Smiles!!!!


Then we headed over to the snowmobiles because the kids were ready for the ride of their lives. The kids donned extra cool helmets and got on their steads. These snowmobiles are super cool and the kids clearly felt like rock stars as they took off around the track. At times the scene looked like bumper cars, but the Vail staff had it fully under control. Deep breath for us helicopter parents…


IMG_4673 To top the morning off we got back on the conveyor belt and headed up to zip down the mountain. This is a highly technical activity! You get to put on cool harnesses, weigh in, and fly over the ski slopes on a wire. On a wire! Once again I let Skyler go first. I hung back and checked this one out. I watched as Skyler happily put on the harness and was prepped for his flight. He was methodical and careful as he got ready [his style]. But then before I knew it he had his feet up on the gate, hanging in mid-air, ready to fly. Then he was off… At the end I checked in and all he could say was, “I wish it went faster!”

More Family-Friendly Vail Options

Adventure Ridge offers amazing on-mountain family-friendly things to do in Vail when you are not skiing.  But depending on how old your kids are, if they ski yet, or you just don’t want them in ski school yet, you can check out ice skating at Lionshead, the Pirate Boat Playground and the water fountain at the base of the mountain in Vail Village, head to Fuzziwigs for a sweet old fashioned treat, or downstairs to Joe’s Famous Deli and Ice Cream for some delicious ice cream. These are all things my kids still love to do in Vail when the skis are off and have for a long time!

Thanks to the Vail Communications Crew for letting us experience Adventure Ridge! We will be back to play with the whole family again. What are your favorite non-skiing/boarding family-friendly options in Vail?

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Family Friendly 4th of July Events

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 8.36.36 PM

Check out some great family-friendly 4th of July options in and around Boulder this year! For families with really young kids, or those who just don’t want to be out late, check out Parenting Place’s Kids’ July 4th Bike Parade OR head over the Boulder Rez for some daytime fun. The evening events are all fun, but remember you can see a lot of them from outside of the crowd if you want a more mellow experience for your family. Whatever you decide to do–enjoy!

Boulder: Ralphie’s Independence Day Blast: Gates open at 8 p.m. Program at 8:30pm.

Boulder: Kids’ July 4th Bike Parade. 10am to 1pm.

Boulder: Boulder 4th of July at the Boulder Rez. Race, family-friendly activities, food trucks & more. 6am to 6pm. Boulder Rez

Broomfield: Broomfield County Commons Park: Celebration begins at 5:30 p.m.

Lafayette: Waneka Lake: Celebration begins at 4 p.m.

Louisville: Coal Creek Golf Course: Events begin at 6 p.m.

Longmont: Boulder County Fairgrounds: Fireworks planned for 9:30 p.m.

FREE Live Music the Whole Family Can Enjoy this Summer!

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.30.48 PMThe summer is such a fun time to see live music. It’s better if we can take the kids along! Here are two Boulder classic music series that include free 10 week of live music: Noon Tunes & Bands on the Bricks. Both are family friendly. Noon tunes is great for the little ones and those who need something fun to do on Fridays.

Noon Tunes: Every Friday throughout the summer Noon to 1:30pm enjoy live music on the 1300 block of Pearl Street. Imagine heading downtown with a picnic, or pick something up right on Pearl, allow the kids to run through the pop fountain, and enjoy free live music. A great afternoon! For more details click here.Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.37.04 PM

Noon Tunes Line-up

Bands on the Bricks: This is a 10 week FREE live music series happening every Weds. night from 7 to 9pm. Enjoy performances from the best local musicians along the front range while dancing under the stars.  For the parents this year is featuring an outdoor beer/wine/margarita garden starting at 5:30 p.m. every Wednesday night, featuring Rio Margarita’s and a new local brewery every three weeks. Of course there is food downtown for the kids and the pop fountain is a hit any time of day or night. For more details or to listen to music from this great line up click here.

Bands on the Bricks Line-up

These are great family-friendly music options. Get creative and work these into your week. Enjoy!

Boulder Families Kid’s Review: Boulder Opera’s Production of La Cenerentola [Cinderella]

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 2.32.01 PMIn April, Annelies was selected as the Boulder Families Reviewer for Boulder Opera’s production of La Cenerentola. A BIG thanks to Annelies for this thoughtful review!

Hi, my name is Annelies and I’m 11 years old. BRAVO! BRAVA!

What Did You Review? I went to go see Cinderella but in Italian. It was actually called La Cenerentola and it was all opera. There was no one speaking with real voices. In opera they sing really fast and really loud.

What Was It About? It was about Cinderella trying to go to the ball and she does get to go and at the end Cinderella gets married to the prince.

What Was Your Favorite Part? My favorite character was the evil sister Clorinda. She could sing the loudest and she was really funny. She came to the audience and walked around and sang really loud and almost sat on a dad.

What Surprised You About This Opera? All the singers had very different opera voices and I thought that they would have the same voice.

Would You Recommend It To A Friend? I would recommend it to a friend if they liked opera or music or funny plays. It was boring in some parts but still good.

Anything Else You Want To Say? There were a lot of kids even a lot of little kids and they could dance in the aisles. There were also good cookies, cupcakes and water for sale.

If you are interested in upcoming events by the Boulder Opera Company, please visit the Boulder Opera’s website.

Top Family-Friendly Bike Rides in Boulder


Photo Credit: SMBA

Boulder is a bike town. No doubt. My son is riding with Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures [SMBA] and were we in for a surprise when we showed up. The kids on the team have nicer bikes than my husband and me combined. Really. 10 year olds with really nice full suspension bikes. But that’s okay, they are getting out to ride together and that is what counts [fancy bikes and all!]. Here are some of Boulder’s top bike rides for kids.

Top Bike Rides for Kids

  1. Valmont Bike Park: Ride the fun trails, try some bowls, learn to ride the stairs, take the downhill courses. The best part about this park [other than it is free] is that it has something for everyone!
  2. Marshall Mesa: This is a tame ride on some rolling terrain. There is some uphill and some downhill, but they are easily walkable if necessary. There are many options here. There are also interpretive signs along the way showing how this area was a coal mining site and the fires that burned here in the past. This ride can be good for many ages and abilities.
  3. Boulder Valley Ranch/Boulder Reservoir: This is great for kids because it is relatively flat, gets them close to a working ranch, and does go by a few ponds. It is open and exposed, so in the mid-day this may not be the best option. This has seemingly endless options for extending the ride for older kids.
  4. Harlow Plats Park: This South Boulder gem has a 1 mile look as well as a shorter loop. It also has a wonderful lake, Viele Lake. Then there is a park for after ride play. Great for young kids!

Boulder Biking Resources:

Upcoming Bike Event: kids bike day

Kids Bike Day at Community Cycles, May 11, 2013